Screening for Symptoms:

  • All staff and guests are required to fill a AHS Wellness Checklist once daily 

  • If we notice any sign of symptoms that can relate to COVID-19, you will be asked to leave

Distancing Measures:

  • 2 guests are allowed with the bride during her appointment (no exceptions) on Saturday appointments.

  • All guests are to be remained seated for the duration of the appointment to give our stylist movement around while social distancing. 

  • We request no children in the boutique

Personal Protective Equipment: 

  • Your stylist will wear a mask and have freshly washed or sanitized hands when with our brides

  • Due to the limited space all guests must wear masks in-store (no exceptions)

  • All guests will have to wear masks correctly over the mouth and nose in all enclosed spaces (stairwell and boutique)



  • We will be sanitizing our common areas and change rooms after each appointment

  • We require you to wash your hands/ sanitize upon entry of the boutique 

  • Brides and guest are not allowed to touch accessories or pull our selection from the racks. If you see something you like, ask your stylists to obtain. 

  • new consignment dresses coming in will be in quarantine for 24 hours prior to hitting our sales floor