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Our Consignment Program

Since 2008, we have been relocating bridal gowns through our consignment program.

We actually term the process 'sharing the love'.


Find out what thousands of dress owners have taken advantage of. 


  • 80% of gowns sell within the consignment period. of 9 months

  • Items are normally priced at 30% to 90% off the original MSRP


  • We treat your dress like our own. We have strict standards when it comes to trying on gowns. 

  • We also handle all the potential clients.

  • You do not need to worry about fraud on payments.  

  • We are a physical location that allows brides to view several dresses at a time and allows a chance for them to find a dress that they did not think they would have considered.


  • Wedding gowns no more than 2 years old (Purchased mid-2019 unless dress is on the the designers website). 

  • Veils & bridal jewelry (excluding earrings).

  • We selectively accept gowns from David's Bridal (based on their website).

  • We are currently not accepting gowns from online sites or custom made gowns.

  • Bridal stores with samples gowns. 

  • Drycleaning can be arranged at additional charge


  • Consignors receive 50% of the sold price of the dress. 

  • We do NOT buy back or purchase bridal gowns outright.

  • The consignor must wait until the dress is sold successfully to get Urban Bride payouts.


Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you within 72 hours.



Samantha, YELP

I consigned my dress through Urban Bride Delivered. The experience was very pleasant (and very successful). My dress sold so quickly--I had my cheque within a week.Christine, the owner, was lovely, honest, and sensitive (sometimes it's difficult to say goodbye to your dress!). She made the experience easy and enjoyable. She also has a ton of beautiful stock. I wish I had known about her when I was looking for a dress, because her prices are fair and her dresses are fashionable.

julie, Google

The store has excellent selection, and the owner personally helped me try on dresses when I was looking at buying a dress. After I got married, I posted my dress on Facebook, Kijiji and a well known online wedding dress consignment website..I'm good at selling things.. and it didn't move!! People still need to see the dress in person! so THANK YOU for Christine for your help in selling my dress!! I couldn't have done it without you. Legit. :)

Consignment FAQ


Why Is Urban Bride Inc Better Than Selling Online? 

The emotional environment is just as (if not more) important than the price when brides are shopping for their dream dresses. At Urban Bride, we have brides coming in given more than one dress a chance. We do the work for you and sell your dress faster!

What Else Does Urban Bride Offer To Sellers? 

At our boutique, you can sell with confidence. We will handle all transactions (and hassle!) and ensure your dress is seen by buyers and cared for properly.  You will no longer have to worry about strangers coming into your home, coordinating fittings and figuring out how to get paid. We will take lovingly care of your wedding dress as we find its next lucky owner. 


What Can I Sell With Urban Bride ?

To ensure that we deliver a luxury experience for our brides, we accept the items listed below. We do not consign hair accessories. 

  • Bridal gowns, boleros and belts in new or like new condition (e.g., no rips, tears) and that meet what our brides are currently seeking in terms of style.

  • Dresses that are visibly clean and free of stains, tears and rips.

  • Veils 

  • Designer gowns (from selected designers) that are from a 2019 or newer bridal collection.

  • To help ensure authenticity, we may ask for your original purchase receipt.


How Does The Process Work?

1.  Email us at urbanbrideinc@gmail.com a photo, designer detail, year of purchase and style number for a pre-qualification if you are not sure. 

2. Once your dress is accepted, we agree on all details and coordinate the drop-off of your item(s).

3. We lovingly place your dress for sale in the shop and online for up to 9 months and we will work hard to sell for top dollar.

4. When your dress sells, we will deduct 50% commission from the sales price. We offer a lower fee than the average industry rate. 


Why Do You Not Take All Dresses? 

We find all wedding dresses to be beautiful, and it pains us when we have to say no to a wedding dress. However, we have limited capacity in our boutique. Also, to ensure the quality of our inventory, we only take gowns that are in impeccable condition and trending with our brides. Ultimately, this helps us protect the bridal experience and garner higher prices and faster selling cycles for you. 


How Should I Price My Wedding Dress? 

Based on market research and experience, we strongly suggest that pre-owned wedding dresses be priced at 30-60% discount from purchase price and never worn, unaltered dresses be priced at 25-35% discount from purchase price. Ultimately, you set your price to one that you are most comfortable with and we can always reassess the pricing. You can also research your gown on Google to see what others are listing them for second hand. 


How Long Will It Take To Sell My Wedding Dress? 

We cannot guarantee the sale of your dress, but we will work hard to sell your dress in a timely manner and for the best price. It is hard to assess when your dress will be sold, but rest assure that we are putting in our best efforts - from offering a top notch bridal experience to online marketing. 


Do I Need To Clean My Dress Before Selling It? 

Dresses must be visibly clean and free of stains, tears and rips. We are providing our brides a luxury and emotional experience so it is critical that the dresses appear like-new and clean. We offer a steeply discounted cleaning service.


Will My Wedding Dress By Carefully Handled? 

Yes! This is our top priority. However, wear and tear is normal for some delicate fabrics. Beading also gets tarnished and can loosen with time and especially after the cleaning process. 


What Happens If My Wedding Dress Does Not Sell? 

We work our very hardest and safest to get your dress sold. However, in the event that your beautiful dress doesn't sell,  you can pick up your dress from our boutique. We also offer a return drop-offs in south Edmonton for $20 or we can ship the dress for a reduced fee. 


Do You Accept Dresses From Outside Edmonton? 

Yes! We do accept dresses from all over. We can help arrange the shipping of your gown so that it can be sold in our boutique.